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Tıbbi Hizmet Standardında Mesleki Sorumluluk Bildirgesi

The Declaration of Professional Responsibility in Medical Service Standard was accepted at the 48th General Assembly of the World Medical Association (DTB) held in Günsey Africa in November 1996. The original name of the decision is the WORLD MEDICAL ASSOCIATION DECISION ON PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE STANDARD OF MEDICAL SERVICE of tellthebell .

The Declaration of Professional Responsibility in Medical Service Standard is one of the important universal documents in the field of medical ethics .

Professional Liability Statement in Medical Service Standard

World Medical Association; It is the responsibility of the physician to provide comprehensive health services to his patients and to reveal inadequate physicians in terms of professional and personality,

Of the patient; that he has the right to be treated freely by a doctor whom he believes can make clinical and ethical decisions without any outside intervention (1995 amendment to the 1981 Lisbon Declaration); and,

Organized medicine; ethics committees; As the competence committees and other professional audit activities have long established and accepted, the professional behavior of doctors should be examined and rational restrictions should be placed on absolute professional freedom when necessary; ACCEPTING

That professional independence and the duty of self-management are an indispensable part of quality service and hence the interests of the patient that must be protected; consequently, supporting professional supervision activities as long as the medical profession is carried out in good faith; REFIRMING that they have an ongoing responsibility to participate in them and accept their implementation.

He argues that the professional services of physicians should be considered separately from commercial goods and service relationships.

Because the physician; It has specific ethical duties, including commitment to providing adequate and necessary medical care (International Code of Medical Ethics, 1949).

The World Medical Association, regardless of the judicial or legal processes of a country, only makes a decision regarding the professional behavior or performance of a doctor, considers that evaluations by colleagues who can understand the complexity of the medical phenomenon in question, thanks to their education and experience, should be considered.

The World Medical Association condemns the departure on the basis of good will or any negligence of the doctor’s colleagues while investigating the actions of the doctor during the processes carried out regarding the complaints from the patients or the compensation for the damages caused to the patients. These approaches will be provided to patients and will determine the quality of the medical service.

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